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What About Men?

How can women avoid getting involved and obsessed with men—men who are clearly wrong for them, who are abusive, addictive, too complacent, procrastinators, not exciting enough, or full of anxieties. Using his extensive training in Western medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy, Dr. Luc has, for the first time, written a book that gives almost scientific clues to getting to know a man and choosing the right one for you. This book gives you emotional and mental portraits as well as the characteristic physical symptoms that you can look for in men. These portraits are like the ones in The People's Repertory, but are specifically geared to men, and they incorporate the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as homeopathy. They will help you to predict whether a man is likely to control you, stimulate you or be chaotic for you before the damage is done. A questionnaire helps you determine what kind of man you have in your life in all his many facets. This is not only a book for women. Men will read about their weaknesses and be able to correct them with homeopathic remedies before they are transformed into real diseases. When you read this book, you may cry, smile, or laugh but you will never look at a man the same way! 244 pages, $12.95