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Full of Life: How to Achieve and Maintain Peak Immunity

Full of Life describes a complete program for achieving and maintaining peak immunity, from a doctor who has cured thousands of patients suffering from CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome). It contains a formula of holistic and nutritional healing methods and gives readers a chance to regain their strength and renew their lives. You will take a self-scoring questionnaire to see if you are at risk for immune-suppressed conditions. If you suspect that you are suffering from CFIDS, viral or yeast infections, Full of Life gives you specific tools for working with your doctor. You can become an active participant in the diagnosis and treatment of your condition. The common sense approach of the book does away with the many unproven viral theories as it focuses on real causes leading to a decline in your immune system. By recognizing and correcting these causes immediately, you will have instant clues to follow a highly effective program for both preventing immune system breakdown, and healing it once it's happened. 222 pages, $12.95

"Dr. Luc De Schepper, one of this country's foremost holistic practitioners, has written a sensitive, positively-oriented book which clearly explains the conditions that have developed in this world to create our current epidemics of CFIDS and AIDS. This book serves to educate the reader on all the nutritional and holistic approaches to these illnesses and does so with compassion and a positive outlook."—To Your Health, NY

"Full of Life is a very informative book for the lay person, on a subject that has been given short shrift. It goes a long way to educating health consumers to the benefits of preventive medicine, as well as alerting them to the importance of protecting their first line of defense against illness." —Townsend Letter for Doctors

"One of the best books around on CFIDS, AIDS and immuno-suppressed conditions from a leading medical expert. A vital, honest look into the heart of the 20th century's most pressing problems." —The Book Reader, America's most independent review of new books