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Candida: The Symptoms, the Causes, the Cure

Candida, commonly known as a yeast infection, is increasing at an alarming rate. If you or members of your family have headaches, poor memory, allergies, gas, constipation, depression, and/or loss of libido and don't know why, you may be among the one out of three people presently suffering from this condition. The overuse of antibiotics, cortisone and "the pill," combined with refined and preserved foods have made Candida more prevalent than ever. Yeasts, stress, nutritional deficiencies, sugar consumption, air pollution, hormone imbalance, toxins and vitamin deficiencies can also cause Candida. This book—by a doctor who has successfully treated thousands of patients with Candida—contains new medical discoveries that could change your life. The symptoms of this disease and step-by-step therapy are described. Chapters dealing with the psychological profile of how to cope with the disease, provide the patient and the family with the necessary tools for help and understanding, from the onset to the cure of this condition. Abundant recipes and answers to the most frequently-asked questions are included. 150 pages, $10.00

"The solution to an irritating and debilitating problem is contained in this practical and easy-to-follow guide to good health. And the recipes for healthy eating are quite delicious too!" —Foulsham Publisher, London, England

"Candida by Luc De Schepper is the newest book on this subject and yes—it's also the best. The author is extremely thorough, yet so easy to understand that the book is a pleasure to read. Every section of Candida is pertinent and interesting."—Alive Books, Canada

"An extremely interesting examination of the widely different problems that can arise from invasion of the human system by the common yeast." —Health World, CA

"Written by a practicing MD, acupuncturist and homeopath, the author has made a thorough presentation of this topic, providing great detail in his proposal for therapy." —Red Wing, MA